Hello! My name is Bryan and I am a fighting game enthusiast and aspiring woodworker. Based out of California, I am also a full-time healthcare worker. I hope this site displays how I have combined my passion for fighting games (and videogames in general) and my love of woodworking for the fighting game community.

Growing up, my dad wore many hats: mechanical engineer, computer programmer, architect, carpenter, and just a general DIY kind of guy. Throughout the years he taught me many skills like building computers, creating a deck for the backyard, and rebuilding my 1st car’s transmission. My fascination with working with my hands and tinkering with technology was all due to my dad’s seemingly never-ending amount of knowledge that he shared. Thanks dad!

During high school, my friends and I were hooked on fighting games. Street Fighter 3rd strike, Tekken, Marvel vs. Capcom, and many others were always on our list of games to play whenever we hung out. When Street Fighter IV released, my local GameStop held a week 1 tournament for the community. My friends and I decided to test our skills and enter. After a long, hard fought night, I walked out of there in 2nd place and a brand new MadCatz fightstick as a prize. Not bad for my first tourney! That’s when I caught the FGC bug. I joined more tournaments and my friends and I even began organizing our own small tournaments throughout our surrounding cities. We eventually stopped organizing tournaments, but all still play online today!

During the stay-at-home mandates during the 2020 pandemic, working in healthcare was extremely tough. I needed an outlet to help with anxiety and stress. I found woodworking to be the perfect hobby for me. There’s something about putting on noise-cancelling headphones and running lumber through a table saw that puts me in my own little world where i can easily lose track of time. Starting with a crude workshop in my garage I went on to build things for around the house like cutting boards, coffee tables and nightstands. I slowly grew my collection of tools and even went on to sell some custom cutting boards!

With the release of Street Fighter 6, MK1, and Tekken 8 approaching, that’s when I realized I could combine my newfound passion for woodworking and my long-time love of fighting games by making custom arcade sticks! I started off by making them for friends, family, and eventually people on Reddit started ordering! I still have a lot to learn, but I hope to create custom arcade sticks for those who share my love for fighting games! Thank you for your support!